THE TALE OF TWO KINGS: The Drunk from Otueke and The Saint from Daura


THE TALE OF TWO KINGS: The Drunk from Otueke and The Saint from Daura

By Okazu Powers 

Nigeria as a Country entered into her most Dramatic Political Era in 2014 and 2015.

The matter was a simple but complicated one, Letting go of the 14th President of the country who wanted his Tenure extended by another 4 years or Bringing in the 7th President of the country who wanted a second coming.

The Die was Cast and Nigerians made their choice, General Muhammadu Buhari was Elected the 15th President of Nigeria with the Promise of Change Riding on the wings of Integrity and Incorruptibility.

The then Jonathan Administration had a very Terrible outing in the media and ways which it handled very sensitive isssues which was blended with Propaganda and Blown out of Proportion by The Then Opposition(APC- Now ruling party) Media Team. Major issues Ranging from little Issues like Renaming the University of Lagos after M.K.O Abiola to major controversies in Security, Corruption and maladministration.

The picture of an incompetent never do well was painted in the Hearts of Nigerians and The International Community on Goodluck Jonathan’s Personality. All his major achievements were watered down by the opposition.

They had just One Goal: Bring him Down by all means necessary!

Many Nigerians could no longer bear his Excesses(As painted and blow out of Proportion by the opposition Media), They felt he was not competent to man the affairs of our Nation. The message was clear, They wanted “CHANGE”.

Many of them Nicknamed him ” The Drunk from Otueke” saying He drinks a shot of Local Gin (Ogogoro) before taking important decisions that affects the Prosperity of our Nation.

General Buhari on the other hand was painted as a Blameless, Incorruptible and Competent Strong willed Leader. Nigerians felt Jonathan was too weak to be President, Buhari was the answer and solution thus assuming the position of “A Saint”

Two Years down the Line, What has really “CHANGED”?



During the Drunk’s Era, The Opposition had accused him of Living in Extreme Luxury and Affluence. The then Candidate of the Opposition had Promised Nigerians to bring an To Luxurious spending and waste of Resources by Government Officials in a Nigeria under his watch.

Providence made it happen, On May 29th 2015, The Saint was sworn in as The 15th President of Nigeria.

By 2016, He presented the “Budget of Change” to the National Assembly. The budget for the Seat of Power-The Aso Rock Villa proved to Nigerians how much of a Drunk Jonathan was.

However, The Budget for The Presidency is different from that of Aso Rock Villa(The state House)

In 2014, The drunk in his usual wasteful way had spent N12.2B on the Presidency(including it’s 16 agencies) from which the state house got N8, 739,307,625. When it got to 2015, He saw that There was need for more wasteful spending due to the short fall in Oil Prices so he “INCREASED” it to N6.6 Billion Naira from which the state House got N5, 090,764,277. He made no budget for the Aso Rock medical Center asking them to use what was left in 2014 for 2015 That it was more than enough.

Then enters Saint Buhari- The Incorruptible Messiah who hates waste and corruption.

In 2016, He budgeted N39.1 for The Presidency, N18.1B for Aso Rock from which the state house  got 11,550,068,521 directly stands for over 61% of what the Drunk from Otueke had spent in 2014 and 2015 combined. Lest we forget, his goal was to cut down frivolous spending by The Government.

One of the most outstanding State House spending in 2016 was the purchase of BMW saloon cars at N3.63 billion. We Remember how the then Opposition had talked about The then minister of Aviation spending N255m on same BMW cars she had bought in the name of the Federal Government of Nigeria. They said It was a waste yet they budgeted N3.6Billion for the same Purpose

Outside the BMWs, The saint budgeted N877,015,000 which was something like a 650% increase from what the drunk had budgeted in 2014- N132,200,000 for the purchase of “Motor Vehicles” and “Buses

In 2016, the State House spent spend N27. 5 million on computers, while N268.9million financed computer software acquisition.

The saint who refused to prove to Nigerians That He was fit for office in 2015 yet He spent N764.7 million on recreational activities more than what the Drunk from Otueke had spent in 2013,2014 and 2015 combined

The installation of electrical lighting and fittings, which received substantial allocations in 2014 and 2015, gulped N618.6 million in 2016.

On The Presidential meals, The drunk spent N542.86 million in 2014, and the N526.17 million spent in 2015 but the Saint who doesn’t love food decided to spend N445.5 million for all meal-related expenses including  food stuff/catering materials supplies, Refreshment/meals,Purchase of canteen/kitchen equipment and cooking Gas.

In 2012, The world went Agog when it was discovered that The Drunk and his vice were to spend N993 million for refreshments, catering services and purchase of kitchen equipment. After this discovery was made, The Drunk in his usual “corruptible” manner decided reduce it to N717.3 million in 2013 and then N542.8 million in 2014 before bringing it down to N526.17m in 2015.

However, Unconfirmed Reports from some Quarters said The saint was to spend  N1.7Billion on Domestic spending.

The ever Vocal Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe (PDP Abia South) had exclaimed at plenary saying “Mr.President, A budget that moves domestic spending within Aso Villa from N580 million to N1.7 billion cannot be a budget of change.

In 2015, The Drunk had budgeted

N174,471,371 for Honouranium/ Sitting Allowance while The Saint who wanted to save Nigerians Cost budgeted N507,518, 861in 2016 for same Purpose.

In 2015, There was no budget for Aso Rock Clinic, The Provision for 2014 could take us for two Years. In 2016, The Saint had Budgeted N3.2Billion for the Aso Rock Clinic .The Presidential Wing of the Clinic Received N1B yet He never spent a day in it.

Another outstanding sum was Renovation of The Villa which the Drunk’s Administration did before leaving office, This was the Reason why The Saint stayed in the defence House Few weeks after been sworn in.

He budgeted N3,914,268,592 which Same Senator Abaribe had exclaimed

“They are going to renovate the Villa with N3.9 billion: what else do you want to renovate there that Nigerians will see in the Year 2016?”

In the Drunk’s corrupt Regime, We paid N22.4m as Rent in Aso Rock, But when the saint appeared,Our Landlords increased our Rent as We paid N27.7m as Aso Rock Rent in 2016..

Then We walked into 2017, He Brought the Budget of “Recovery and Growth”

In 2015, When the Oil prices dropped, The Drunk decided to cut down on the Budget for Aso Rock from N12.2B in 2014 to N6.6B in 2015.

In 2016, Nigeria went into Recession, In the Saint wisdom, The Budget for Aso Rock was N42B(Including her 16 Agencies) while the budget for State House Headquarters is N11, 020,382,572, down from 11,550,068,521 in 2016 although budgets for major Rehabilitation works aren’t included therein.

For Example, N5,847,384,012 was budgeted on rehabilitation in the State House. Repairs of residential buildings will gulp N5,625,752,757 while the remaining N221,631,255 will be used for electrical repairs after  N3,914,268,592 had been used for repairs of office building, N642,568,122 for rehabilitation of residential houses, N1,832,558,638 for repairs of electricity installations and N198,364,641 for repairs of defence equipment in 2016.

N3.9Billion in 2016

N5.84Billion in 2017

Was Aso Rock hit by an Asteroid or Hurricane?

In 2015, The clueless Drunk budgeted only N1,126,514,277 for repairs and rehabilitation in the State House.

The Saint’s government proposed N6,121,643 in 2016 for sewage charges for the State House.  But in 2017, it has proposed a whopping N52,827,800 for the same purpose in 2017.

It was put at 52,827,800, That means 144,733 every day for The Presidential Excreta. The corrupt Drunk had budgeted 4,957,143 for this same Purpose in 2015 but The saint’s shit is far more expensive.

The State House Headquarters budget for “Honorarium/Sitting Allowance” for 2017 is 556,592,736. Let me remind you that the drunk’s government budgeted 174,471,371 for same item in 2015, while in 2016, this administration took it up to 507,518, 861.

The Drunk had paid 22,459,575 in 2015 as Our Residential Rent, The landlord increased it to 27,735,643 in 2016 because of the saint’s “incorruptibility”. In 2017, this same “Residential Rent” went up to 77,545,700 although the Saint spent over 3months of that time away but it was still occupied by his flatmates in the ” Rodency”

But who is our Landlord?

Why the Astronomical increase in Rent?

The saint had budgeted N3.2 Billion for the Aso Rock Clinic in 2017 even though He spent part.

Zahra Buhari had just talked about not having ordinary paracetamol in Aso Rock Clinic after over N3B was budgeted for it this year alone

N8,539,200 was budgeted for “Anti-Corruption” fight in the Villa in 2017..

This is not EFCC’s Budget, This just for Anti Corruption fight.

The saint had budgeted N197,000,000 for the purchase of “Motor Vehicles” and “Buses” in 2017 even though they had spent N877,015,000 on same Purpose in 2016(This is outside the N3.63 Billion on BMWs).

The saint  budgeted 319,625,753 for “Electricity Charge” in 2017. Just so you know, the “Electricity Charge” for 2016 was put at 45,332,433 But under The Drunk  N36, 708,974 was spent in 2015 and N68, 377,620 in 2014 on electricity.

Why did PHCN increase our NEPA Bill kwanu?

Under the Drunk The water Charges was N15, 158,694 in 2015, and N28, 236,023 the previous year.

Under the saint water charges rates rose astronomically to N76, 400,004 in 2017 Budget Proposal(A budget of growth and Recovery) from N18, 719,682 in 2016.

In 2016, N45,332,423 was spent on electricity for the State House, but it  jumped to N319, 625,753 in 2017. The saint probably needed more power to charge his phone.

But under The Drunk from Otueke N36, 708,974 was spent in 2015 and N68, 377,620 in 2014 on electricity.


This saint budgeted N739, 487,784 for his international travels alone and another N239, 201,008 for local travels, both still under a billion naira. This is even an improvement to 2016 figure of N1, 274,135,577 for both international “Junketeering” and local travels which we gained nothing from.

Plenty newspapers will also be read in the Presidential Villa this  year as  the budget for dailies rose from 10,265,552 in 2016 to  N28,344,200 in 2017.

In 2016, only the Vice President budgeted for books. This year neither the Saint nor his Vice budgeted for it. Apparently, they’re tired of reading.

There is a saying that Every Reader ends up a great Leader.

When more priority is give to Sewage Discharges then Books then you would know why the Saint’s “Incorruptibility” is old fashioned and bereft of Ideas.

Now, Take your time and pause. This is Saint who had Two mud houses and Borrowed money to buy nomination form. This is someone who had just N1m in his Bank account.

Why does he need so much Luxury and Ostentatious Living at old age?

Why the outrageous extravaganza under The saint’s watch as frivolous items were inserted into it while many others were inflated right under his Nose.

This is not an agency of Government, This is where he rules from. This is where He lives Yet He is fighting Corruption

Lest we forget we once had a Drunk from Otueke who reduced the cost of Governance when our Oil Fortune dwindled

Why did the saint increase the Budget even while in Recession?

So who is truly the saint here? Because a Drunk is known for frivolous spending.

I leave you to your conscience.

Okazu Powers is a Business Development and Research Consultant based in Port Harcourt. He tweets from @okazupowers and can be also reached on Facebook @Okazu Powers



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