Nigerian born Kaycey Ogbonna Unveils Multi-million dollar Corporate Headquarters in Ghana



Nigerian born Kaycey Ogbonna has officially unveiled the corporate headquarters of his Group of Companies, the King Solomon’s Group in the Ghanaian capital, Accra.

The unveiling which was done by the Bishop of the Pleasant Place Church Bishop Gideon Titi-Ofei on Sunday was witnessed by guests from different countries.

Kaycey Ogbonna started business in Ghana years ago by hawking on the streets of Accra and has transformed into one of the most successful Nigerian entrepreneurs in Ghana.

Speaking to IFN TV during the launch, the Group Chairman of King Solomon’s Group Mr. Kaycey Ogbonna said although the journey has been tough his greatest strength so far has come from God.

Responding to the question on what next, Mr. Kaycey said “We are looking forward to an exciting future, especially in the areas of agriculture and aviation where we are looking forward to unveiling the King Solomon’s Airline very soon”.

According to Bishop Titi-Offei who cut the sod for the official launching of the building, he said “I see a great future ahead for the company. Anything that is blessed by God is already set for an explosive global takeover. And that is what is set to happen with King Solomon’s Group”.

The King Solomon’s Group is a sophisticated chain of companies cutting across Finance, Hospitality, Bill Payment, Transport, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Trade, Laundry and Agriculture.


  1. Comment:Indeed this the wisdom from above and I believe it’s just a starting point, the vision is yet to be accomplished… greater heights..


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